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Digital Fashion Resource Centre

Seneca's Fashion Resource Centre has, since 1989, collected what Canadians have worn. The purpose of the collection is to provide a resource centre rather than a museum so that those who study fashion may do so in a unique way. The examination of items worn by men, women and children from the past provides, awe-inspiring insight and information for all students of fashion. The Centre was established through the dedication of many faculty in the School of Fashion including Claire Becker, Caroline Routh, Bev Newburg and Dale Peers. It has been supported by all of the faculty within the School of Fashion and utilized by not only students and faculty of the multi-disciplined programs within the school but by other departments across the College.

Images From The Archives

Images from the Archives: 50 Years of Seneca, is a curated collection of images spanning 50 years of Seneca's history, from 1967 to present day. This project was conceived and developed by Archivists and Librarians working with Seneca Libraries, and was sourced from Seneca's Archives, the Library's archival repository, located at Markham Campus.

American Illustration Collection

The American Illustration Collection includes over 4,000 drawings and paintings, roughly between the dates of 1850 and 1950. The bulk of the holdings highlight the years 1890-1930. The works include pen and ink, watercolor, wash and gouache, and oil paintings. The most prevalent publishers represented in this collection were Scribner and Sons, Century and Co., Harper Brothers, and P.F. Colliar and Son. Although many of these illustrations appeared in books, most were from periodicals, notably -- Century Magazine, Harper's Magazine, St. Nicholas Magazine, Scribner's Magazine, Colliars, Success, Life, and Puck. The American Illustration Collection is comparable only to the Library of Congress Cabinet of American Illustration, which houses 4,100 works. Other major collections are found at the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Public Library, and the Brandywine Museum. There are also excellent collections which are privately owned.